At the FreeiPhoneUnlock we provide a service which has never been seen or heard of before, some people call us crazy for doing this but we think different. For a big company it can cost at little as pennies to unlock an iPhone, We are fed up with all these rip off prices so decided to offer this service FREE of charge! Our website runs off good will and donations, so if you are feeling generous please don’t forget to donate.

We can factory unlock any iPhone on any network in any country for free without Jailbreaking, now that’s pretty amazing for a free service right? Most businesses can charge you up to $100 for a single unlock and they use the same method we do! Please keep in mind this is not Software unlocking which is only temporary and can end up bricking your phone once it’s updated. Don’t panic we use the safest method possible and your phone will always be in safe hands, we have had over 800 successful unlocks and not a single one has gone wrong!

Now you may be thinking how do I actually use this service, well it’s simple! Scroll down and enter your iPhones IMEI number in the box provided, we will then run some checks on our end and unlock the IMEI number, The checks normally take 1-2 hours so after the time is up plug your iPhone into iTunes and you should get a message saying “Your iPhone has been unlocked” And that’s it! your device will now be unlocked and ready to take any sim card!

We can unlock any of the devices listed below
Update Oct 14: We can unlock the new iPhone 6 & the iPhone 6 Plus for FREE

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5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Enter your IMEI Number and press the Submit button
Step 2: Select iPhone Model And Complete Chosen Offer
Step 3: Wait 1 – 2 Hours
Step 4: Connect your device to the computer.
Step 5: Open iTunes and your iPhone will be unlocked.

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IMEI Number:


Your IMEI number is a 15-digit number unique to your handset. You can find your IMEI number in the Settings > General > About screen, or by dialling *#06#. If your iPhone isn’t yet activated, there will be a little ‘i’ icon which you can press to get your IMEI.